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Environmental Testing Laboratory


The Environmental Testing Laboratory (ETL) is an in-house laboratory of the Division of Environment and Sustainability (ENVR). We are located at Room 4114 of the Academic Building (near Lift 19) of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) at Clear Water Bay, Hong Kong. ETL is mainly for teaching purposes for HKUST students and responsible for food and environmental testing.  


In 2016, ETL was successfully accredited by Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) with the scope of Food Testing and Environmental Testing (Registration No. 258).  

Scope of services

Scope Property measured Specific test Method used Reporting limit Unit
Water and wastewater Physical examination pH APHA 22e, 4500H+ B 4.0-10.0  
Water and wastewater Physical examination Total Suspended Solids dried at 103-105°C APHA 22e, 2540D 2.5 mg/L
General foodstuff Preservatives Sulphur dioxide In-house method TG-ETL-FD-001 (Quantitative method - titrimetric methods, Confirmatory method - gravimetric methods) 8 mg/kg
Gravimetric Test Weight Teflon filter / Quartz filter In-house method*  -   - 
* Gravimetric testing scope (Weighing of Teflon filter and Quartz filter) will be accredited in mid-2018.

ETL also provide certified reference materials (CRM) and inter-laboratory collaborative study. Please go to www.cgptp.org for more details.

Contact us

Dr. TSUI Kwong Hoi
Email: eekhtsui@ust.hk
Tel: 2358 5798