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Becoming a Qualified Registered User

To become a Qualified Registered User for ENVF services, you need to

  • 1. prove that you are a frequent experienced laboratory user in your department
  • 2. complete all the necessary HSEO safety training courses including MC07 Chemical Safety I and MC03 Chemical Safety II as well as all the other safety training course(s) deemed necessary for the operation of the targeted equipment, e.g. LASER safety course for equipment with LASER source
  • 3. complete the safety clearance procedure with ENVF staff and have the User Registration Form properly signed and returned to ENVF

To become a Qualified Registered User for a specific major equipment, you need to

  • 4. complete the respective training course for the specific major equipment provided by ENVF or you and your supervisor can sign and return the User Competent Registration Form to ENVF to declare that you are competent in using the specific equipment.