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Data system development

This work was to establish an infrastructure for receiving, storing, processing and sharing of information produced by the scientific task groups. The volume of data input was very large. As PREPP is a multi-disciplinary project, the data inputs varied greatly in format, frequency and medium, which was a challenge for the task of data management and ultimately also for other researchers wishing to access the data sets, and for use by the wider public.

The following picture provides an overview of the data system infrastructure developed for PREPP:

The data system stores the data input from various sources include:
  • Satellite data set from HKUST's Satellite Receiving Station.
  • Shore-based stations such as CODAR, YSI and AWS data.
  • Ocean optical data from Port Shelter using PRR 800 Cary 100.
  • Cruise data.
  • Numerical model data output.

Data acquisition requires various telecommunication means such dedicated telephone lines, mobile data transmissions and high speed networks to send data to the data server (Oracle). The data system is connected to various communication network and handles the real-time data input automatically.

After the data are saved in the Oracle server, they can then be disseminated in to ways: (1) through the Intranet to PREPP and other authorized users during the project period; (2) through the Internet to interested scientists and the public free of charge. The web site developed for the public is a gateway for scientists or other users who are interested in obtaining more information about the coastal environment of the Pearl River Estuary, including data resources, enquires and searching capabilities.