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Equipment List

Category Name of Equipment Charges for UST Users* Online Request Form

Major Analytical Equipment

Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence $125/sample (operated by staff) XRF
Inductively Coupled Plasma - Optical Emission Spectrophotometer $120/hour ICP-OES
Gas Chromatograph with Mass Selective Detector System $150/day GC-MS
Gas Chromatograph with Electron Capture Detector + Headspace Sampler $100/day GC-ECD
Total Organic Carbon Analyzer $150/half day TOC
HPLC System with PDA & FLR Detector $125/half day Idle for repair
RAMAN Microscope $50/day RAMAN
UV/VIS/NIR Spectrometer $50/day UVVIS NIR
Scanning Electron Microscope with EDXS System $50/day SEM
Liquid Chromatograph(LC) - Mass Spectrometer(MS) with Triple Quadrupole System(QTRAP System) $300/day LCMS
LCMS data processing PC Free LCMS-PC

General Equipment

Electronic Balance Free General Request Form
Furnace & Oven Free
Ultrapure Water System Free

Biological Facilities

Autoclave Free
Microbiological Incubator Free
Orbital Incubator Free
Bench top Orbital Shaker Free
Class II Safety Cabinet Free
Microcentrifuge & Centrifuge Free
Cold Room Free

* Please note that charge will subject to change without prior notice.

Updated on February 2017.