Satellite Informatics System for Surface Particulate Matter Distribution

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Learn About AQ

Learn About AQ

What is AQ?

Air Quality is a total measurement of cleanliness to the ambient environment. This is normally represented by the components of major air pollutants from the ground level concentrations (mg/m3) of carbon monoxide(CO), nitrogen dioxide (NOX), ozone (O3), sulphur dioxide (SO2), respirable suspended particulates (RSP) and total suspended particulates (TSP).

How does AQ relate to our health?

Air pollution problems, or bad air quality, are related mainly to long-term health effects caused by persistently high levels of tiny particles that can penetrate deep into our lungs.

What is EIS?

Environmental Informatics System is an application supported with a wide series of database, particular in fields of environmental in geography. This normally includes the combinations of various quality data to air, water, meteorological, geographical, and possible extends to the social and economical in varies regions. The greatest function of EIS is to generate in revealing and visualizing the mapping relationships among different kind of data.