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Gas Chromatograph (GC) - Mass Selective Detector (MSD)

Brand: Agilent, USA
Model: 7890A GC – 5975C Mass selective Detector

The Gas Chromatograph - Bench top Mass Selective Detector in ENVF is configured to separate and semi/quantitatively measure organic compounds, that are volatile enough to be vaporized without decomposition in the injector (ambient to 400 °C) of the gas chromatograph, in a sample. With the help of the built in mass spectral library, the components in the sample could be identified.

The GC is equipped with a split/splitless injector and an automatic liquid sampler and the sample injected should be in the liquid form. Organic compounds in aqueous sample matrix should be extracted and dissolved in organic solvent before using the instrument.

Familiarization Session for GC-MS

Prerequisite :     Basic Gas Chromatograph (GC) knowledge
Basic Mass Spectrometer (MS) knowledge
Basic PC operation
Contents :     Hardware configuration overview of ENVF GCMS system
Basic Agilent MSD ChemStation software familiarization
Not included :     Methods Development for Sample preparation & pretreatment and Adustment/optimization GC & MS parameters
Macro Programming for GC & MS
GC & MS preventive maintenance
All kind of diagnosis and troubleshooting
Date :     Jan 31, 2018
Time :     10:00 am ( 2 hours session )
Venue :     Rm. 4109 ( Midway between lift 2 and 19 )
    Limited seats, first-come-first-served

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