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Scanning Electron Microscope

Brand: Hitachi
Model: TM3030 Table top Microscope

General Usage
TM3030 is a table top Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) that can magnify an object from 15 to 30,000 times. It had a depth of field better than optical microscope. This microscope has a charge reduction mode to minimize the charge up phenomenon while observing a specimen that has lower electrical conductivity. In addition, a SDD (Silicone Drift Detector) is installed in the microscope for elemental composition analysis of the specimen. Element from Boron to Americium can be detected and mapped on the specimen image.
TM3030 is also equipped with a cool-stage so that specimens with water content can be observed directly.
The 3D-View software can provide rough 3D image measurement of the specimen.
ENVF also install with a magnetron ion sputter device to coat a conductive layer on the specimen when charge reduction mode cannot provide satisfactory image results.
A t-butanol freeze drying device is also installed in ENVF for preparation of biological samples before using the SEM.

Image recording, qualitative elemental analysis and morphological investigations of specimen such as biological sample, print circuit board, particles etc..  

Familiarization Session for SEM

Prerequisite :     Basic PC operation
Content :     Hardware overview of Hitachi TM3030 TableTop Microscope and accessories
Basic operation of
  • Microscope and XY stage
  • Ultra Cool stage
  • Magnetron Sputter
  • t-Butanol Freeze Dryer
Introduction to TM3030 and 3D-Viewer software
Introduction to Q70 EDS software
Date :     Nov 10, 2017
Time :     10:00 am ( 1.5 hours session )
Venue :     Rm. 4109 ( midway between lift 2 to lift 19 )
    Limited seats, first-come-first-served

Quota Full