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UV-Visible NIR Spectrophotometer

Brand: Perkin Elmer, USA
Model: Lambda 950

General Usage : The spectrophotometer is a high performance double beam, double monochromator instrument that can cover a wavelength range from 175 to 3300 nm with a spectral resolution of 0.05 nm in UV-Visible and 0.2 nm in NIR range. It can be used for colorimetric measurements, scanning the spectrum of sample, kinetic measurement of a reaction, studying the optical properties of material etc. The unit is installed with a Peltier cooling system for sample so that sample can be measured at predefined temperature from 0 to 100 °C. In addition for normal liquid sample, the spectrophotometer is installed with a 150 mm integrating sphere for studying reflectance, scattering and transmission properties of solid or highly absorbing samples.

Application: Colorimetric measurement for water and waste water chemical analysis, kinetic study of reaction, surface characterization of solids (such as dyes, paper, glass, catalyst...), the photometric analysis of turbid, colloidal, transparent and translucent samples.

Familiarization Session for UV Visible NIR Spectrometer

Prerequisite :     Basic UV-Visible Near Infrared(NIR) knowledge such as Beer-Lambert law
Basic PC Operation
Course contents :     Hardware configuration overview of Lambda 950 system
Basic Perkin Elmer Software Familiarization
Not Included :     Methods Development
    Sample preparation and pretreatment
    Adjustment/optimization UV-Visible NIR parameters
Spectral Processing
Date :     Dec 29, 2017
Time :     10:00 am ( 2 hours session )
Venue :     Rm. 4109 ( midway between lifts 2 & 19 )
    Limited seats, first-come-first-served

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